No Parc Ferme at Hafren BEC

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Last minute changes have been made to the regualtions for the upcoming Hafren BEC on 31st Jul/1st Aug. We have made the difcuclt decsion to remove the parc ferme from our event. This is as a reuslt of massive price increase in the cost of parc ferme insurance, the quote for this year was more than double what we were paying for our last BEC round back in 2019. When factoring this cost alongside security, it was totally unviable. We are disappointed at having to do this, as we are old school traditonalists, who have kept a Parc Femre at our BEC when they have not been included in many BEC events for a number of years now.

On a positive note we have had a machine in over the last few days doing some grading work on the enduro test, and it is looking great, will try and post some pictures up shortly.