Freestyle Bikes – Hafren Rally entries now open

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Entries for this years Freestyle Hafren Rally are now open, they are only available online using the ACU online entry system The following link will take you to the ACU Events system, either scroll down as far as the Hafren Rally, events are in chronological order, or search using the following permit number ACU47465.

Supplementary Regulations can be found here

Planning for this event is well underway, and format will be very similar to previous years. Start will be at the superb all weather Sweet Lamb motorsport complex,which offers guaranteed hard standing parking whatever the weather.  Lap length will be approximately 50 miles, consisting of open moorland, gravel roads, and forestry tracks and trails, with 3 special stages, with plenty of spectacular Mid Wales countryside. It will include a few more challenging optional routes on the liaison sections. Entry fee is £75 and there will be separate classes for rally, trail and enduro bikes (no MX bikes) and a beginners class for the new comers/less confident riders. The beginners class will do the same course, but will be expected to complete a lap less and will start at the back of the entry so they are not riding amongst the quicker riders.

As this is a fun social event, there will be a social get together on the Saturday evening where there will be a buffet and bar laid on to give everybody a chance to have a chat and a few beers, not too many mind!
Entry limit has been reduced to 180 riders. This event usually fills up quickly, so please get your entries in quickly to avoid disappointment.

25 Responses

  1. Gordon

    Hi do I have to have an ACU licence to do this rally or can I buy a day licence? Thanks

    • Admin

      No you don’t have to have ACU licence, you can buy a day licence at a cost of £15 when entering.

      Thanks Rowan

  2. Rob A.

    Hello all, been a while since I last rode the Hafren (my old neck of the woods so to speak). Just wondering if there was a classic class, pre 85 bikes etc????
    Cheers for now.

    • Admin

      Hi there, no classic class I’m afraid, we did try a classic class a few years ago but it had really low numbers. You can ride your old bike in the other classes, as with most rallies there will be a real wide cross section of bikes there.

      • Rob A.

        No worries, i’ll run my kdx 220 then. Well be nice to be back to my old home area :o) Cheers.

  3. Tony

    Will you be confirming entries? I have my conformation for the ACU but nothing from the club to confirm the acceptance of entry

    • Admin

      Hi Tony, the only confirmation you will receive is the auto confirmation sent out by the ACU system. I have checked and you are in the entry list. We will release and entry list in a cpl of weeks so as people can check their details regarding correct.


  4. Chris

    Hi. Do the bikes need to be road legal and is there any public roads used on the route? Thanks.

    • Admin

      Hi Chris, the route is all on private land so bikes do not need to be road legal, although will need to be in Enduro type trim.


  5. Mark Williams

    Hi I have an ACU membership nbr but no licence so have paid for a day one. Do I also need to be a member of an ACU affiliated club? Thanks. Mark.

    • Admin

      Hi Mark, as this event is run on an ACU centre permit you need to be a member of a club within the Mid Wales centre or one of the Non Territorial clubs such as WTRA or TBEC. HDBC membership will be available for £5 on the day.

      Thanks Rowan

  6. arwel thomas

    hi,i have entered the havren,i broke my ankle in work yesterday so will not be able to do the event.i need to cancel my entry,how do i go about this please.

  7. Adam Williams

    Hi I tried to register for the event but not heard anything bk yet are the places all full up?thanks

    • Admin

      Hi Adam, how did you try to register. Did you enter through the ACU online entry system as per instructions on our HDBC website?

      Entries are still available.

      Thanks Rowan

  8. Darren

    Hi are there any enduro events where you allow mx bikes I currently do enduros in the south west on an sxf 250?? Thanks

    • Admin

      Hi Darren, HDBC don’t run any Enduro events that cater for mx bikes. When we run a round of the British Enduro Championship converted mx bikes in enduro trim are permitted, as long as they are fully road legal. There are other clubs out there running short course enduro and H&H events that allow mx bikes.

    • Admin

      Hi Dave, no you dont need a transponder, guessing you are asking as a result of seeing this question on the entry form. The Event is timed using laptops and and a specific timing program. Therefore no transponders needed, it is just a std question on the ACU online entry system.


  9. steve reynalds

    Hi just checking that myself and Allan Russel are in the rally we have both entered on line through the ACU website but I have heard nothing back?
    With Thanks
    Steve `Reynalds