Hafren Rally Draft Entry List

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See draft entry list for next weekends Hafren Rally, if you see any issues please let us know ASAP as program will be going to the printers on Monday.

Backgrounds and numbers will be provided.

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  1. 118 Neil Davies

    Hi I am no 118 Neil Davies
    Thanks for where you have placed me on the list next to a couple of mates
    Only not sure what the rally class means
    Should I be a rally light 1 or 2? Does it make any difference
    I ride as a sportsman class if that helps

    • Admin

      Hi Neil, classes are linked to what bike you are riding, Rally Class is for rally bikes with big fuel tanks and fairngs etc, where as Rally Lite 1 and 2 are Enduro bikes. See below


      • Rally Lite 1 – Enduro based machines. 2 strokes upto 250cc and 4 strokes up to 350cc
      • Rally Lite 2 – Enduro based machines. 2 strokes over 250cc and 4 strokes over 350cc
      • Rally Class. (These bikes must have a frame mounted screen/fairing and a fuel capacity of 13 litres).
      • Big Bike (bikes over 575cc & single cylinder)
      • Trail/Twins – (trail bikes as described by the manufacturer or twin cylinder machines). Enduro bikes are specifically excluded from this class

      Hope this helps, please let me know if your class needs amending.

      Thanks Rowan

    • 118 Neil Davies

      Hi ok can you please change my class to a rally lite 1 class and lave every thing else the same

  2. Alex Smith

    Is it possible to change the bike im riding? I might be getting a new bike this week and would like to run it if possible. I would be changing from trail bike class to rally lite 1.



  3. andy rutter

    hello My name is Andy rutter i have noticed my number is 151 i had asked to be by johnathan hayes and the other Shrewsbury entrants they are numbers 40 to 45 any possibility of putting me near them as it will be more enjoyable if i was riding by my mates. many thanks, Andy rutter

    • Admin

      Hi Andy, there was no ride near request with your entry, i have now moved you to ride with the other guys.

  4. Dylan Williams

    Hi Rowan

    I think Barry Thomas requested to ride with me & Meirion, if it’s not to late could we ride together? We’re happy if you have to move us down the order to accommodate this.



  5. Warren Slater

    Warren Slater #65, could I please ride near Robert Howard #93. Robert did say he’d requested this with his entry.
    Many thanks.

  6. Andy rutter

    When I entered I put Johnathan Hayes as the rider to be near as I did last year
    When you say other guys do you by the Shrewsbury lot

    Many thanks Andy

    • Admin

      Hi Andy, yes moved you to ride with Shrewsbvury lot, i got your message before program went to print, so was able to do it. Not sure what happened with your entry as no ride near request there.


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