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    • Admin

      Hi there, apologies, and thanks for spotting an omission on the Final Instructions, which have now been amended. It is 2 and 3/4 laps for all classes bar beginners who will do 2.


  1. David

    Hi regarding refueling are we expected to provide the environmental mats? I will be solo so will i just be able to leave a jerrycan unattended in the refueling area?

    Regards Dave

    • Admin

      Hi Dave

      Yes you will be expected to provide some form of absorbant type mat, even if it is an old bit of carpet. Fueling is back at the vans at the start so you can leave your jerry can in your vehicle.

  2. Chris Meakin

    Hi. Where in Llani is the Function Room? Good old Google maps doesn’t know.
    Thanks, Chris

    • Admin

      It is next to the Old Mill Bar which is on Google maps i think.

  3. ian

    Amazing geographical spread of entries – cracking job! Who’s coming from the furthest away?

  4. Stu Hart

    Hi, is there space for gazebos? Or pit tents next to the vans ?